Lambert's Cafe II

Ozark, MO

Ozark, MO


Lamberts II is open everyday-7 Days a week, from 10:30 until Slow (9:00) p.m.

Located between Springfield and Branson Missouri on the corner of Highway 65 and CC, LAMBERT'S CAFE II is the second cafe in the series of three. LAMBERT'S CAFE II was opened on March 7, 1994. Construction was done by local contractors with big help from Joe "Dirt Man" McMullen. The interior woodwork was done by Scott Lambert, Ben Lambert, Paul "Wally" Brewer, Mike Church, Greg Perry, Jeff Johnson, David Malloy, Wayne Beaird, Russell Beaird and Greg Perry.

So come on in and visit're sure to have a good time here in Ozark. While you're visiting, make sure you see the sights in Branson Missouri. I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

Why We Love It: Grammar problems aside (Throwed rolls? Really?), we can't help but appreciate the gusto with which Lambert's employees toss bread at us. And it's not just a wimpy little lob; they pitch those rolls clear across the dining room. Sometimes you just need to loosen up and appreciate a silly tradition. And the roll is... quite good. Super hot, super soft, fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth bread.

Extra Perk: Well, this one's more of a fun fact. The Lambert's in Sikeston made the No. 19 spot on the Travel Channel's Chow Down Countdown, a list of the 101 best places in America to gorge.


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